Tungsten "Polka Dot" Glow Dropper

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The florescent colors with the contrasting dots used in our Tungsten "Polka-Dot" Glow Dropper makes them an excellent choice day and night! Sizes Available: 3MM/#14/.44G, 4MM/#14/.95g, 5MM/#12/1.5G.


Reviews (3)

Phil 16th Oct 2019

My Go to Jig!

The widowbread is my go to jig on the ice: keep up the great work!

Alex Tirpak 13th Mar 2019

Widow Maker Jigs in general!!

Love all the jigs in general ecspecially the polka dots and the gold maggots/grub I found them to work really well on my local lake Erie perch and crappie!!

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