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The 2" inch Ballzy's great life-like action makes this irresistible for panfish and trout. Set includes 2 1/50oz jig rigged with the Ballzy and 3 additional Ballzy Bodies.


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Scott 22nd Apr 2019

Great set for slow bite

These are great jugs for gills, usually we have a bite within minutes even as others nearby are struggling. The quiver of the ball on the end is just too much for them to resist. Perfect size for gills but have taken many bass on them without straightening the hook.

Michael Edens 19th Jun 2016

Gave them a trst run yesterday....

Caught a bunch of bluegill and even a few largemouth bass. Tried them after the other stuff we normally used slowed down, so one only wishes we would have started with them earlier. Thanks for a great produce.... And I'll be ordering more....

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