Ballzy Complete Kit

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The 2" inch Ballzy's great life-like action makes this irresistible for pan fish and trout. The 123 piece Ballzy complete kit includes: 105 Ballzy Tails ( 25 White, 25 Chartreuse Sparkle, 25 Hot Pink, 10 Orange Sparkle, 10 Black, and 10 Clear Sparkle) and 18 1/80oz jig heads (6 White, 6 Yellow, 6 Pink). This is a $30 value if purchased separately and the kit qualifies for free shipping!


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Bill Oberfoell 14th Jun 2017


Right out of the bag, used a pink and white combo and could not keep a line in the water - bluegills hit it hard! After several dozen fish, no sign of tear or wear and we kept on fishing without having to change out or replace any tails. Cannot wait to get back on the water soon!

James Prince 11th Apr 2017

Best I've ever used.

I've been very sceptical about using jigs/plastics for panfish because ​I've never really had success with them. I seen a bunch of guys, local and non local, bragging about their "Widow Maker Lures". Do I did some research, asked some questions, and decided to purchase the Ballzy set. My very first trip out using them(pink jig/clear sparkle plastic), I landed 16 crappie all 6-12 inches in length. I couldn't keep them off the jigs. I am very impressed, and will be using these again in the very near future

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