Tungsten "Metallic Series" Dropper

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Our new Tungsten "Metallic Series" Droppers are a must have in any pan-fishermans arsenal. The reflective component paired with the different colors makes these irresistible to fish. These jigs throw off flash while still allowing you to use your favorite color. They are available in three sizes:5mm #12 hook, 4mm #14 hook, 3mm #14 hook. The 3mm with the larger #14 hook ensures high hook up ratios while allowing you to use plastics if desired. 


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Royce Aardahl 22nd Apr 2018

Tungsten "Metallic Series" Dropper

Got a few 3mm and had good success with them. I really like the size 14 hook for hook ups. I wish the gold 3mm had the 14 hook instead of the 16. Very happy with widow maker tungsten.

Keith Kohl 25th Feb 2018

Tungsten metallic dropper series

Used for the first time this week and it out fished everything else . Rainbow with white plastics was the hot color . Thanks for the quick delivery and nice to talk to you at the Madison fishing expo .

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