Tungsten "Glow Series" Dropper

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Our Tungsten Dropper "Glow Series" have been hand selected and tested by Widow Maker Lures. These jigs glow very well and are manufactured by a leading tungsten manufacture for Widow Maker Lures. They are offered in three sizes: 5mm/#12 hook and 4mm/#14 hook, 3mm/#14 hook.


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John Hall 23rd Dec 2020

Ice fishing

I tested these out for the first time last weekend. Before I could set up my second pole I was getting hit. It was like that the rest of the day, I use a fish finder and whenever i placed this glow jig where the fish saw it he took it. It was some of the best fishing I have ever had. I will be getting more of these.

Jason 22nd Dec 2019

Firetiger tungsten jig

Love how fast these drop down and get back to the school! On a different rod I had a clam dropkick on which was about the same size, but dropped at not even half the speed these did. I love the different patterns and colors of these jigs too. They glow up pretty good as well

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