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The Tungsten Mega Dropper is an extremely oversized version of our popular Tungsten Dropper. The Mega Dropper comes in a 6.8mm body with a weight of 3.8g which is over double our standard 5mm Tungsten Dropper! The Mega Dropper is equipped with a heavy duty long shank #8 hook which makes a great selection when using larger plastics or minnows. This is a great choice when fishing for perch or walleye or any larger species in 30+ feet of water.


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Keith 17th Nov 2020

Great product and Affordable

I recently ordered a number of various tungsten jigs from widow maker lures and found them all to be high quality. One of my biggest pet peeves with tungsten jigs is I seem to always have to clean out the eyes to get my 3lb mono through. I’m happy to say that none of my initial 13 jigs had this problem. The mega dropper and the dragon fly are personal favorite designs.

Tom Zoulek 12th Feb 2018

Mega Dropper

Get deep fast, high quality hooks. Look forward to using these on open water walleye too.

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