40 Piece Tungsten Jig Kit

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Our 40 Piece Tungsten Jig kit give you a great selection of multiple sizes and styles of our most popular tungsten Glow jigs! You receive 40 Tungsten Jigs in our Medium Deluxe Silicone double sided water-proof jig box. The 40 jigs in the kit are:

10- Glow Series Dropper 5M #10

10- Glow Series Dropper 4N #14

10- Glow Series Dropper 3M #14

5- Glow Series Lucky Lady #12

5- Glow Series Scud Missile #12


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Nate 6th Nov 2020

Tungsten Jig Box

Really happy with the quality of both the jigs and the jig box. Their “glow” is unmatched.

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