30 Piece Tungsten "HYBRID" Glow Kit

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Not sure what Glow kit to get? Then the Hybrid kit is the one for you! We have combined both our Dropper Glow kit and our Polka-Dot Glow Kit into one great kit. This includes all (12) colors of our Glow and Polka Dot Tungsten Droppers in both 5M #12 and 4M #14 AND (6) of our 3M #14 Droppers for when the fish get finicky! All of this in our Medium Deluxe Double sided jig box! 

The Kit includes:

1- Medium Deluxe Double Sided Jig Box

-Firetiger Glow in 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-White Glow in 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Pink Tiger in 5M#12 & 4M/#14

-Orange Crackerized 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Purple Crackerized 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Pink Crackerized 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Widowbread 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-White/Pink Dot 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Orange/Yellow Dot 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Purple/Pink Dots 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Pink/Yellow Dots 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

(6) 3M/#16 in the follow colors: Firetiger, Orange Crackerized, Pink Crackerized, Widowbread, Purple/Pink Dots, Orange/Yellow Dots




Reviews (5)

Craig 9th Jan 2020

Hybrid glow kit

Very pleased with the quality of jig heads! Have tried a few different custom jig companies and as far as quality of the product this has been the best I have found so far.

Ken 4th Jan 2020

30pc hybrid and 30pc polka dot

Arrived early ! And came exactly as described, the jig box they come in is amazing. Every eye on every jig was clean and ready to tie, all the paint was flawless. I cant reccomend widow maker jigs enough!

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