30 Piece Tungsten "HYBRID" Glow Kit

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Not sure what Glow kit to get? Then the Hybrid kit is the one for you! We have combined both our Dropper Glow kit and our Polka-Dot Glow Kit into one great kit. This includes all (12) colors of our Glow and Polka Dot Tungsten Droppers in both 5M #12 and 4M #14 AND (6) of our 3M #14 Droppers for when the fish get finicky! All of this in our Medium Deluxe Double sided Silicone jig box! 

The Kit includes:

1- Medium Deluxe Double Sided Jig Box

-Firetiger Glow in 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-White Glow in 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Pink Tiger in 5M#12 & 4M/#14

-Orange Crackerized 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Purple Crackerized 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Pink Crackerized 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Widowbread 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-White/Pink Dot 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Orange/Yellow Dot 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Purple/Pink Dots 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

-Pink/Yellow Dots 5M/#12 & 4M/#14

(6) 3M/#16 in the follow colors: Firetiger, Orange Crackerized, Pink Crackerized, Widowbread, Purple/Pink Dots, Orange/Yellow Dots




Reviews (6)

Lee 27th Apr 2020

Hybrid Glow

Last year my cousin and I went on a fishing trip for Crappie in a relatively remote lake. I started off using some smaller standard jigs and wasn’t having much luck. I switched over to the pink 1/16 ounce dropper and BOOM! Started hauling Crappie after Crappie out of the lake. We kept a couple then fished for fun for a couple hours. I had to make sure to have my own kit for this year. As an additional bonus, my cousin is jealous of the new colors and patterns that I am now so proud to own. Thank for for the great product. I’ll be ordering more sooner than later, I’m sure.

Craig 9th Jan 2020

Hybrid glow kit

Very pleased with the quality of jig heads! Have tried a few different custom jig companies and as far as quality of the product this has been the best I have found so far.

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