Tungsten Dropper-Single Color

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Single Colored Dropper- The Dropper is our teardrop style tungsten. This is a pan fish favorite for many and is available in our two most popular sizes #12 & #14. 


Sizes Available- 5MM/#12 hook/1.5g...4MM/#14 hook/.95g


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Pat Foegen 15th Sep 2020

Tungsten jigs

Bought 30 #12 single color tungsten jigs. Well constructed. Great paint and bright colors. Sharp hooks. Met every expectation. Free shipping. Very quick to process order and get shipment out. I appreciate that as I always "want it right now". I recommend this product. I sent them a message and they offered me 10%off next order and included some xtra jigs free to try out. That's a class outfit. I plan on buying all my ice jigs from widow maker.

Tom 10th Jan 2019

replacement jigs

I had to reorder more pink and fire tiger jigs because the fish really love them. But as many of you know if you fish a lot, there's always the chance a pike or other toothy critter will like the jigs too. Over the past two seasons, I have lost the jigs i bought in the 30 piece dropper glo box.

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